How to book online at CIP website?

How to book online at CIP website?

The easiest way to use the CIP services is to book online. Although there are other ways to do this, but with the intention of streamlining processes and your convenience in the Imam Khomeini international airport, we have designed the online booking section to make your reservation in a few easy steps at a short time. We describe this process in a visual way in the following text.

The first step is to enter our website with the address of As a first step, select the ‘online booking’ option in the upper right corner of the home page.  

Then you will enter a new page where you can log in to the booking process. If you have already registered on the website, enter the Email Address, Password, and Security Code and click on the Log In button. If you have not already registered, choose Create an Account.

At this point, you will be enter the Create an Account page. Enter your username, email address and password, and click the Submit button.

The following message will be sent to you if your account is successfully registered.

Now that you have made your own account, you can log in and start the online booking process. By Logging in, you will enter a new page. On this page, click on the Reservation and then select Add New Reservation. You can make an online reservation up to 3 hours before the flight time.

At this point, you will enter a new page where you should fill in your flight information. First, enter the flight number in the Flight Number field. Note that the flight number should be abbreviated. For example, if your flight is Lufthansa 601, you must enter the LH601. Also, in Flight Date part, enter your flight date. Finally, choose the save option to store your information and enter the next step. Note that if your flight is arrival, you should enter the date of arrival in Iran and, if your flight is departure, you should enter the date of departure from Iran.

On the new page you should enter full information about yourself, such as your name, last name, gender, etc. Please note that it is only mandatory to fill out the star options and you can leave blank remaining options, such as the date of expiration of the passport, national code, and …. If you need a wheelchair or an airport visa, you should Require them in the special section for these two items on this page. When done, select the Create option.

At this point, you will enter a new page with four options. You can request them if necessary:
  • Add Passenger: If the number of passengers are more than one, you can Add New Passengers to your list as in the previous step.
  • Add Attendance: If you have attendance, you can enter their information here.
  • Add Transfer: If you need to use our transformation system, select this option.
  • Add Pet Service: If you have a pet and he/she is on the fly, select this option

After choosing the previous options, select Next Invoice for Online Payment to go to the next step.

In this step, the Pro-forma invoice of your selected services will be shown. If this Pro-forma invoice is in accordance with your requests, choose the Entering Payment Gateway option so that you can pay the cost of the invoice online and through bank cards.

After the online payment, you will receive a 10-digit booking code, which will be your trace code. Announcing this code means that online booking process has been successfully completed and your information is fully registered.