The most prominent place of the special ceremonial (CIP) of Iran in the area of 7000 square meters and 8000 square meters in three floors has been prepared and utilized by Iranian Investment Company Fanavar Pars. Imam Khomeini Airport's arrival and departure passengers who wish to spend a relaxed and stress free space before and after flight can visit and use the hall and facilities available.

A patient whose flight conditions may exacerbate the disease or endanger his or her health must contact the relevant airline office headquarters before obtaining a medical certificate and medical confirmation before arriving at the airport and when making a ticket. Airline companies are exempted from accepting a non-medical expedient who does not have any responsibility. Patients who fall into one of the following categories must receive their medical form before completing and approving the medical treatment of the relevant airline company before buying a ticket.

Neurological diseases (such as epilepsy)
Any bone fracture
Patients suffering from myocardial infarction
Patients treated after surgery
Infectious diseases (acute sinusitis) and contagious diseases (measles, etc.)
It is also best for travelers with any of the following illnesses to consult their physician before traveling to maintain their health and enjoy a quiet journey.

Cardiovascular diseases
Blood diseases
Pulmonary diseases such as asthma (shortness of breath), and so on
Brain diseases and paraplegia
Burn and infection caused by it
Patients diagnosed by physicians who require artificial and combined oxygen (nurses and physicians).

Short-term and internal travel for pregnant women up to 32 weeks, provided that the doctor's certificate is issued and the approximate date of delivery is allowed. On long and international travels, the relevant medical certificate that the pregnant women should not be flimsy must be approved by the medical department of the relevant airline.

In some countries, travelers arriving from certain locations in the world are required to pay special health and vaccination cards. Therefore, it is advisable to know the rules of your country of destination before making travel arrangements and buying tickets. The rules apply to livestock, live animals, and plants. Getting this information is very useful if you are traveling with a live animal or a plant and flower. Having a dog in the outbound flight is only possible with identification papers and veterinary certificates, as well as carrying in a basket for animals. Travelers are required to inquire from the airline company prior to making a ticket.

Exit of the following goods from the country is prohibited
Antique objects and linear books, ancient icons, original cultural works, antique paintings and any historical objects and cultural heritage are forbidden.
A caviar of more than one kilogram per passenger (to be less than 1 kilogram to be sealed or flooded by the Fisheries Company)
Handmade carpets more than 20 square meters per passenger. (There is no limitation on the number of carpet pieces in the ceiling of the mentioned area)
Cash more than $ 5,000 or equivalent to other currencies per passenger. / Li>
The commonplace of the country is more than a hundred thousand rials
Exit of personal costumes up to 150 grams of all types of golden artifacts per passenger is allowed.
Exit of artifacts and silverware is allowed as gifts and souvenirs up to a maximum of 3 kg per passenger, provided that they are not included in cultural and historical works.