About Us

About Us

Iranian Fanavar Pars Co. was founded on April 13, 2009 and stablished the CIP in Imam Khomeini International Airport. In fact, on the basis of the thoughts of the company's directors in providing services at the international level, the idea of founding this lounge was formed. The goal was to create a stylish, comfortable and distinctive atmosphere with unique services. By hiring the best designers, builders and consultants in various fields, the CIP of Imam Khomeini International Airport was opened in August 2012 by Iranian Fanavar Pars Co. coinciding with the conference of “the Non- Aligned Movement” in Iran.

What is CIP?

The CIP is a three-story building at Imam Khomeini International Airport in which our departing or arriving clients spend their time while their check in/out being processed. This building has a two-story lounge. A spacious living space with a view of the runway, self-service restaurant serving various types of food, drinks, desserts, sweets, etc. at all the day, a prayer room, a conference hall with a capacity of 15 people, a VIP meeting room, video game console for entertainment children, the branches of Pasargad and Saman banks, shops for handicrafts, perfumes, nuts, etc., ATM of Saman Bank which offers currency services, and several different spaces and services are located in these two stories, and the passengers of arrival and departure flights, during their stop at the airport, can enjoy different sections and services of CIP terminal. But this is not the whole story. Gate of security check, customs gate and baggage drop-off counter, exclusive parking spaces for a capacity of 88 cars and outdoor temporary parking are also other facilities located in the CIP terminal. We think of all the steps up the stairs of an airplane for departure passengers or the arrival of the hotel for arrival passengers, and in all its details it offers unique services.

Strategies and Goals

The CIP lounge of Imam Khomeini Airport was established with great goals in the first place to play an important role in Iran’s economy and provide distinctive services. The main goals of the company are as follows:
  1.  Participation in the Economic Growth of Iran.
  2.  Crossing the boundaries of the slogan “customer is always right” to reach the slogan “customer is the heart of the CIP”.
  3.  Providing excellent services to customers with precision, speed and ease for the sake of welfare and saving the time of customers.


CIP creates value for all stakeholders and customers by relying on efficient, professional and creative human resources, as well as the pursuit of a rich culture and values, also taking into account the current and future needs of stakeholders, while emphasizing on its social responsibilities. CIP crossed the boundaries of the slogan “customer is always right” to reach the slogan “customer is the heart of the CIP” and tries to participate effectively in Iran’s economy growth while moving towards sustainable development in national and international dimensions.

Major Goals

In addition to paying special attention to creating value and following the goals, CIP has set major goals of:
  1. Achieving a proper position in the international system.
  2. Achieving the first rank in Iran.
  3. Increasing revenue.
  4. Promoting added value for stakeholders and others. 

Major Strategies

For achieving its goals and accomplishing its missions, CIP has set out some major strategies:
  1. Continuous development of human resources, and establishment and improvement of a comprehensive system.
  2. Establishment of comprehensive systems of knowledge management, marketing and their continuous improvement.
  3. Increasing market share and wider presence in domestic markets.
  4. Providing distinctive and innovative services based on modern technologies.
You Are Important


Efficient and expert human resources are one of the most important part of a successful organization whose knowledge and expertise, can have a significant impact on the development and success of an organization or institution. 
By using expert and experienced human resources, with the aim of providing new services, CIP has taken a new step towards achieving its major goals and by using the knowledge and technology of the day, is ready to provide a variety of services for the benefit of customers and Iran’s economic growth. The main members of the CIP are as follows:
  • Asad Niazmand
    Asad Niazmand
    Chairman of the Board
  • Seied Rafi Sajadi
    Seied Rafi Sajadi
    Vice Chairman of the board
  • Masoud Saleh Abad
    Masoud Saleh Abad
    Member of the Board
  • Mahdi Ghanadan
    Mahdi Ghanadan
    Member of the Board
  • Mehran Ghodrati
    Mehran Ghodrati
  • Saeed Shafiee
    Saeed Shafiee
    It Manager
  • Seied Rafi Sajadi
    Seied Rafi Sajadi
    Deputy of Commerce
  • Mohsen Keshavarz
    Mohsen Keshavarz
    Deputy Of Operation