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Smart city an airport is no longer just a place for waiting and passing through; airports now give travelers the experience of actually being “in the city” with spaces for gathering, entertainment, customized information, etc.

According to the CIP news station; The airport terminal is an unusual building type – often iconic in design, yet rarely a destination that the user chooses to experience and savour. Rather it performs primarily as an interchange to facilitate the efficient transfer of passengers from one mode of transport to another – or in the case of the larger hubs, between journeys on the same mode. The resulting diversity of passenger routes through the facility – each with its own particular processing requirements – leads rapidly to complexity of building form and airport systems.
 Within this complex environment, as passengers we want an experience as smooth, effortless and stress free as possible – an experience that interferes the least with our objective of reaching our ultimate destination safely and on time. Greater process efficiency and lower stress levels have pay-offs too for airport owners in higher customer satisfaction and increased commercial returns.

The adoption of new processes and technologies to automate the journey, such as the self-service bag drop, already means that departing passengers spend less time landside, with the focus of passenger experience shifting towards the airside departures lounge. As processes such as security screening become more efficient and less time consuming, we can expect more passengers to reach airside lounges sooner, creating new opportunities for service and experience. This increased automation of processes combined with new capabilities in digital technologies also enables true personalisation of the passenger journey.
The opportunity this presents is to make the age of mass air travel feel once again a personally exciting and glamourous experience.


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