The most Important Tourist Attractions of Isfahan; Landscape from the Bridge

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The most Important Tourist Attractions of Isfahan; Landscape from the Bridge

The city of Isfahan is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran, and is visited annually by millions of tourists from all over the world. What's important about this city is the existence of diverse tourist destinations, including historic sites, natural resources, religious places, and so on, which makes any tourist interested in this city. Although it is impossible to introduce all the tourist attractions of this city in a single article, here, we will focus on the most important ones.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square; everything is here
In Isfahan, before selected as the capital of the Safavid government, at today's Naqsh-e-jahan square, there was a large garden with the same name. During the rule of Shah Abbas I, major changes occurred in this garden, and according to various sources, the square was built in 1011 AH. Mohammad Reza and Ali Akbar Isfahani are the names of two architects who planned the square and built it in the current form. The names of these the two architects can be seen on the entrance of some of the historical buildings surrounding the square. The Naqsh-e-jahan square is a rectangular shape square with a length of 560 meters and a width of 160 meters that houses the Imam Mosque (on the southern side), the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (on the eastern side), the Ali Qapu Palace (on the western side), and the Imperial Bazaar (on the northern side) located in four sides of this square. There are also four big bazaars around the square, and around which there are two hundred two-story cellars. Each of these four has historic values and impressive beauties, which takes hours to visit each.

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan; a famous old building
This is one of the oldest mosques still standing in Iran, and it was built in the four-iwan architectural style, placing four gates face to face. This mosque is also known as the Jomeh mosque. This mosque is a large historic complex in the northeast of Isfahan and beside the Kohneh Square. Today, it includes various parts such as Nizam al-Mulk dome, Taj al-Mulk dome, four iwan courtyard and its shabistans, Mozafari School and Oljaytu mihrab, each representing the course of Islamic art in particular periods. According to historical evidence, the Jameh mosque of Isfahan was built on the ruins of a former mosque built by Arabs residing in the village of Tehran in Isfahan in the 2nd AH century. The first mosque was built on the ruins of the mosques of the late Sassanid period. The most important development projects have been made during the Al Boya and Safavid periods. The Jameh mosque of Isfahan is a reflection of Byzantine and classical art in the form of a traditional Islamic building.

Spectacular Mansions; paradise with 40 columns
Hasht Behesht and Chehel Sotoun mansions are two of the most beautiful and most popular historical buildings in Isfahan. The Chehel Sotoun mansion was built during the reign of Shah Abbas I, whose tile, mirror and decorations are well known in the world. Also, the Hasht Behesht mansion was built during Safavid's Shah Soleiman era and is called as the most beautiful palace in the world.

Brilliant Bridges; beauties of Zayanderud
Historic and beautiful bridges were built on the Zayandehrud River in Isfahan, the most famous of which are Si-o-se Pol Bridge, Khaju Bridge and Shahrestan Bridge. The Allahverdi Khan Bridge, popularly known as Si-o-se-pol is one of the eleven bridges in Isfahan. It is the longest bridge on the Zayanderud, with a total length of 297.76 meters, and is one of the most famous examples of Safavid bridge design. Khaju Bridge was built by the Persian Safavid king, Shah Abbas II around 1650, on the foundations of an older bridge. This bridge is one of the finest examples of Persian architecture at the height of Safavid cultural influence in Iran.

Other Attractions; beyond infinity
The above is only a small part of the beauty of Isfahan. Other attractions include the Vank Cathedral, the Monar Jonban, the Birds Garden, the museum of music, the Charbagh Abbasi, Sofeh park, the Flower Garden and ....

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