The 5 best CIP lounges around the world

Milad Shakib user photo Milad Shakib Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The 5 best CIP lounges around the world

Many of the world's airports have an exclusive CIP lounge. Imam Khomeini International Airport also has one of the most modern airport CIP lounges. People looking for a relaxed and unique trip use these services, which usually have a separate terminal. Here, we will introduce 5 best CIP lounges in the world.

Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt
Rather than just offering a great first class lounge, Lufthansa has taken it to the next level with their First Class Terminal. This allows you to skip the main terminal at Frankfurt Airport altogether, and instead drive right up to the First Class Terminal, and then be driven to your plane when your flight is ready to board. All formalities, including check-in, security, and immigration, are handled in the lounge. The lounge itself is beautiful, with attentive service, a great restaurant catered by DO&CO, a cigar bar, and nap rooms.

Air France La Premier Lounge, Paris
Air France’s first class is the whole package. Not only does Air France offer the world’s best first class inflight product, but their ground experience in Paris is equally impressive. If you’re connecting in Paris, you’ll be picked up at your plane and driven to the first class lounge, and then later on will be driven from the first class lounge to your connecting flight.

Swiss First Class Lounge, Zurich
Swiss’ first class lounge in Zurich is still fairly new. In addition to service throughout the lounge, the Swiss lounge has an excellent restaurant. But there are two other features that make this lounge exceptional. The first is that the lounge has private bedrooms for those with long layovers. The beds are as comfortable as the ones you’d find in top hotels. Furthermore, the lounge has a large terrace with views of the gates. In summer they’ll even have ice cream out there for guests to enjoy.

Cathay Pacific the Pier First Class Lounge, Hong Kong 
In terms of design, Cathay Pacific’s The Pier in Hong Kong is one the best. The lounge is designed in a way that makes you feel like you’re in a really swanky hotel or even home, rather than at an airport. The Pier also has a good restaurant with an a la carte menu. On top of that, the lounge has private rooms where you can relax, or just watch planes pass by outside. Guests also receive a complimentary 10 minute foot massage, which is a nice teaser.

Qantas First Class Lounge, Sydney
This lounge nails all the basics. The lounge is physically stunning and spacious, with lots of natural light and panoramic views. It has a very unique restaurant. The menu is designed by Neil Perry of Rockpool Bar & Grill. On top of that, passengers receive a complimentary 20 minute spa treatment, with the choice between a facial or massage.

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